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They are just great – legally teen first time babes who can't pose – often with little makeup - I have to give them underwear - I carry a bag of D&G 'n other stuff for young girls who need it or who are special.
But they also never posed nude much before - some of them are the worst porn models that I could get and sometimes they are the best – all natural babes with puffy teen nipples - wet and young amateur ‘lolita looking’ teen dreams.
When they orgasm it's always real and intense - they're often skinny little young teens – shy and nervous - I squeeze those sexy bare breasts and if they agree to a hardcore sex scene then they almost always have a huge emotion and an orgasm - it's the only way that the tension of the shoot is resolved for them.
Often they get off on just handling – peachy little sexy teens all wet and young with quivering barely legal cunt lips spread wide and longing for some release of the sexual tension - especially by the end of a video sequence.
I offer these amateur wet teens a view of the video screen while I shoot them and sometimes it gets a bad reaction - but sometimes they get lost in themselves and go even harder – they turn themselves on even more – spreading moist pink holes and plunging fingers in - these are the first time babes I like best!
I wouldn't call any of them sluts or anything – showing sexy bare breasts to a stranger - I think it's natural to get horny - that's why we put so much energy into making it a social taboo - it's a control thing.
Even in the West girls will try to control and manipulate their girlfriends by blackmailing them over their sexual activity of one sort or another - and it's a reason why I like to shoot alone - without boyfriends or chaperones - who almost always intrude on the shoot however unconsciously.
So yeah I like these sexy young women who just come out of nowhere and go back again - and I really like it when they fuck me, take my cock in their young swollen cunts or suck my cock in the heat of the moment too!

Check out all these young wet teens shot by Fritz Ryan too – his photos are not as good as the great Grigori Galitsin but his videos of many first time amateur girls are beautiful - many are hardcore with his famous huge cumshot conclusion - and be warned that none of them are on any Russian Bride sites - although at least you'd know what you're getting!

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